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3rd Floor Malti Apartment, Beside Jatragachi Brigde, Jatragachi,Newtown, Kolkata- 700156

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One Room 47m² SmartSolution Flat

For those who want smaller rooms
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Not all of us would require large apartments. Some require small spaces to fit their dreams, things, and families. However, this doesn’t mean that the building will be congested, far from it.

Apart from the one room, we provide all the additional settings. The arrangements are made to accommodate aesthetics and health factors.

Take the life quality to an upper level

While creating the building, we have taken steps to modernize it. Also, these buildings are chic, something to brag about. You can decide how you would like to decorate the room, and we will help you with that too. If you don’t want to buy the room, maybe you can rent it. Or if you want to resell it, we are ready to help you with that too.

Property Specifications

The specifications will depend on the building’s overall layout. But, here’s a summary. It offers all the setup necessary for an individual or a family to live and go on with their lives.


Similarly, a business owner can easily set up their business, without worrying about congestion.


  • Accessible by the national highways
  • Commutation modes available (road, rail, metro, and airports)
  • Accessible to all the amenities
  • Luxurious arrangement within your budget
  • With proper ventilation, light, and airflow, ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene


SmartSolutions Construction Lead Engineer


As stated earlier, SmartSolutions is a pioneer when it comes to creating buildings of various designs. We provide homes with one, two, three, and even four rooms. We consider your choices as the most important factor and work accordingly.


When designing a residential complex, we, of course, focus on the inhabitabilation score. Is the house hospitable? Can a family stay and move around, enjoy doing their activities? Can they feel free in our homes? Our thought process considers these factors.


Our customers must be happy; we believe in this mantra. It is clear from the customer satisfaction rate, as stated on our website. We have worked on multiple sites; some are more complex than others.


You can check out our buildings to see if we are telling the truth or not. We would love to hear from you.

Not interested in one-room flats? Try our 2, 3, and 4 room flats, and use the calculator to calculate the living space. We are waiting for you.