We bring every building into realization, and we don't stop at anything, other than being the best.

3rd Floor Malti Apartment, Beside Jatragachi Brigde, Jatragachi,Newtown, Kolkata- 700156

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About SmartSolution

Our point: We create stunning buildings for you


Let’s get the straight across, you love to stay in a home. We are dedicated to fulfilling your desire. We have got everything for you. Do you want luxurious apartments and flats? Or, maybe you want the best amenities in a premium room? All the deals are present for you.

But we don’t only offer residential complexes, we have commercial buildings too. Our services would include property renting, selling (even reselling). Yes, we know all people are not ready to settle down in a home for various reasons.


Take the life quality to an upper level

It can be because of their job, or financial condition, or simply they don’t want it. For them, we have come up with renting services.

For the commercial sector, companies are always looking to branch out. They are expanding their offices, which means more rooms. Now, owners can buy a building and set it up there.

But if they have to shift to another location, it will double expenses for them. The best way to avoid it is by renting.

Property Specifications
  • Spacious, lot of area to play around
  • Located near all the major terminals to help you get the necessary services and amenities
  • Offers multiple amenities within a specific complex
  • Fully furnished to help you move right in
  • Our housings are well-maintained with regular conditioning
  • We provide the works too, including maintenance
Property Benefits
  • Get a fully furnished home at prices never seen before.
  • You will have no qualms over it, it means 100% satisfaction
  • We provide all the indoor plumbing services too.
  • You don’t have to maintain the house or the office by yourself.
  • We have got you covered.
  • What makes us different? We don’t make promises we cannot keep.


SmartSolution Construction Lead Engineer

Our vision is not just to complete projects and handover them to clients. We ensure that the building is holistic, and is compliant with all the rules and regulations. This to allow our clients to have a peaceful life in our accommodation. We don’t want them to worry about anything in the future.
We know that choosing a building is stressful, and so is buying it. If you ask anyone, you will learn how much of a hassle it is, if you are not partnered with the right construction company. But, we are taking every possible step to rectify the problem.

We are SmartSolution, a premium place where you will get what you desire. If you think we are just bluffing, we are not. We have proof, and we are ready to show you